Utah Beach D-Day Landing Museum: 

🎖️ Wivi installation ‘Utah Inside’ was implemented to guide visitors towards a better understanding of the collections and make international visitors’ experience of the museum more dynamic.

The tool provides museum staff with a translated version of their museography in 9 languages.
Twelve Solutions also designed an online display case showcasing objects that have never been exposed to the public granting visitors access to the museum’s archives.

New tools are to be installed at the end of 2018:

  • a virtual assistant
  • an out-loud reading tool to enhance accessibility for visually-impaired visitors
  • a 360° indoor visit of a B-26 Marauder bomber plane
  • a 9 language audio synchronization of the movie theater (world first!)

The museum becomes more interactive and accessible to international visitors speaking:

🇫🇷 / 🇪🇸 / 🇧🇪 / 🇩🇪 / 🇮🇹 / 🇩🇰 / 🇨🇳 / 🇳🇱 / 🇬🇧 / 🇺🇸 / 🇵🇹

André Malraux Museum of Modern Arts: 

🖼️ In 2017, Le Havre’s MuMa contacted us to replace its audioguide system. Our goal was to offer a simple and efficient alternative solution to the Google Art & Culture tool initially in place.

🎨 Wivi perfectly answers both visitors and staff’s needs since its installation over a year ago. Visitors can access the audio-descriptions directly from their smartphones, without downloading any apps, making their visit much easier. The MuMa’s mediation staff upload their own audio recordings in the Wivi’s CMS. They can also add their own audio-descriptions for temporary collections in multiple languages in a cheap and efficient manner!

🖌️ The museum’s staff has easily mastered the Wivi’s CMS and manages their own content in a completely autonomous manner. Of course, our team is always available for any issues, questions or technical maintenance.

Graindorge Cheese Village: 

🐄 The Graindorge Cheese Village chose Wivi in 2017 to complement the visiting experience surrounding the making of traditional Graindorge cheese. Visitors can discover on their own and at their own pace the backstages of how Graindorge Cheese is made thanks to “Père Eugène”: an avatar that guides visitors with stories and anecdotes of the Graindorge cheese making.

🐮 For a more dynamic and interactive visiting experience of the site, Twelve Solutions also designed a coloring game “Pépine lost her colors”. The Cheese Village’s mascot has turned black and white: children (and adults) must color her to bring back her colors. This interactive game is available on the museum’s tablet but also on all the visitor’s devices.

🧀 In partnership with Brother System, we designed a game surrounding the 4 traditional Normandy cheeses. Inspired from the whack-a-mole game, this game encourages visitors to point towards the wall to select which cheese to deliver. This experience allowed an under-exploited area of the museum to become more dynamic.

🥛 A new interactive game on the topic of Livarot cheese is to be integrated at the end of 2019. This experience will introduce connected objects in the exposition and allow younger visitors to learn while having fun.